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of  the New Bethlehem Baptist Church

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Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:30 a.m.
Tuesday Bible Study 6:00 p.m.
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Sunday School Teachers & Classes

Dea. Arthur Buie, Superintendent
Dea. Douglas J. Vincent, Assistant


Sunday Services:
10:30 am Morning Worship

Bible Study Classes:
Tue. 6 pm, Wed. 10 am

Teachers Meeting:
Currently not in session.

Prayer Meetings:
Saturdays 8 am, 5:30 pm Tues or by calling the church at 205.425.9559 Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Reba Cunningham

Director Christian Education

Kathy Wells Edwards

Scholarship Committee Chair

Marilyn Congress

Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

Sarah Mitchell

Deidre Sims

Ed Hudson

George Armstrong

Melonie Ware 


The mission of the Scholarship Committee Ministry is to provide information and resources that will benefit the high school students of New Bethlehem Baptist Church.

The primary goal of the ministry is to select, and award eligible high school students with a scholarship to assists with college expenses, as well as provide other financial information. Eligibility includes the following:

  1. The student must be a member of New Bethlehem Baptist Church to apply and receive the scholarship.
  2. The student’s ministry involvement. The student must be actively involved in a New Bethlehem Baptist Church ministry of their choice for the entire school year to apply and receive the scholarship. See application for ministry participation and verification guidelines.
  3. The student must be enrolled in an accredited college or university for two consecutive semesters/terms. (Student must enroll and attend the same year of high school graduation to remain eligible).
  4. The student must submit verification of enrollment and a validated schedule by the dates listed below:
    1. If you begin school in the Summer term of your graduating year, requested documents must be received no later than June 15.
    2. If you begin school in the Fall term of your graduating year, requested documents must be received no later than October 1.
    3. REMINDER: (No retroactive disbursements will be made).

Our calendar of events and activities begin in October and culminate in June each year. See full calendar below. Events and activities include:

  1. Financial Aid Workshop – FAFSA.
  2. Annual College and Career Fair.
  3. Complete application process.
  4. Senior’s meeting with the Pastor.

The first step to apply for this scholarship is to complete the profile form below. Next, download and complete the application and return to the Church Secretary.

Below, is the Scholarship Application and the High School Senior Profile Form

Dea. Neil Kelly, Dept. #1 Superintendent

Class # 1
Dea. Irving Larry
Dea. Charles Turner

Class # 2
Sis. Annie Henderson

Class # 3
Sis. Doris Arrington
Sis. Shirley Harris

Class # 4
Sis. Patricia May
Sis. Juanita Nix

Class # 5
Bro. Jesse Bandy
Rev. Samuel Harris

Class # 6
Sis. O’Shelia McCarroll
Sis. Efi’ Dangerfield
Sis. Mary Browning

Class # 7
Dea. Nathaniel Pippen
Bro. Robert Ollie

Sis. Sharon Vincent, Dept #2 Superintendent

Class # 8
Bro. Hilliard Bibbs
Dea. Thaddeus Marzette

Class # 9
Sis. Jerry Mims
Sis. Janice Wiley

Class # 10
Sis. Edna H. Walker
Sis. Sara Mitchell

Class # 11
Sis. Sandra Ashford
Sis. LaJuan Jones

Class # 12
Sis. JoAnn Logan

Class # 13
Sis. Ella Lovejoy
Sis. Laretha Brown

Sis. Shirley C. Evans, Dept. #3 Superintendent

Class # 14
Bro. Cedric Hill

Class # 15
Sis. Sarah Buie
Sis. Altonette Sanders

Class # 16
Dea. Namon Lee
Bro. Michael Abron

Class # 17
Sis. Damita Pitts

Class # 18
Dea. Alvin Taylor
Bro. Joe Steele

Class # 19
Sis. Valerie Taylor
Sis. Jacqueline Burks

Class # 20
Sis. Doris Lewis
Sis. Evelyn Ford

Class # 21
Sis. Charsl McGhee
Sis. Daphne Harris

Class # 22
Sis. Cynthia Boone
Sis. Michelle Bryant

Convert Classes :
Class # 1
Vacant (13 and up)

Class # 2
Sis. Willie Lee Hutchins (up to 12

Specialty Classes Christian Maturity:
Rev. Paul Moman, Sr.

New Members:
Dea. Alfonzo McClain
Sis. Armelia Bruce